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Château de Biron

Address: Le Bourg S, 24540 Vergt-de-Biron Date: Saturday 21 jul 2018 - Tuesday 18 Dec 2018 Show map

Address: Le Bourg S, 24540 Vergt-de-Biron

Visit this exceptional juxtaposition of buildings belonging to the four baronnies of Périgord

[Château de Biron]

The GONTAUT-BIRON have been the undisputed masters of the south of Périgord, for nearly a thousand years!
Their genealogy can be traced back to 926, when a cartoon from the Abbey of Cadouin mentions a certain GONTAUT. The castle, over the years, has been redesigned, according to the events of this illustrious family.
Biron is an architectural lesson, presenting today diverse buildings from different era, witnesses of the past power of the GONTAUT-BIRON. It also shows the extraordinary talent and the fantastic inspiration of the best builders of all times.

We can still perceive three stages in the evolution of this home which has experienced changes in taste, setbacks fortunes or sometimes even lack of time.
The first stage corresponds to the Middle Age; a second castle wrapped around in the XVI century; at the extreme end of the same century, nearly collapsed.

visit by your own, or guided visit during the summer season - 1h30 approximately - audioguide available - discovery workshops proposed

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