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14:15 French tour

Date: Monday 23 jul 2018 - Thursday 23 Aug 2018

Guided tour
Duration : 40 minutes

Discover on April 29th, 1924 by Jean Maury, the Grand Roc cave was opened to the public in 1927.
It opens halfway up an impressive cliff overlooking the Vézère Valley at Les Eyzies.

One walks through a veritable mineral forest formed by an impressive variety and density of crystallisations rarely equalled in other caves. In places flowstone carpets the floor. Stalactites, some delicate, some imposing and translucent, hang from the ceiling. Stalagmites sprout from the floor, sometimes meeting to form columns. One is also struck by all the excentric deposits and curtains enhanced by a light intensifying the concretions’ colours.

Come discover this veritable mineral “ fairyland”, one of the Perigord’s great sites not to be missed.

Take advantage of the Grand Roc – Laugerie-Basse twin ticket at a special reduced rate to visit the Laugerie-Basse rock shelters located only a few metres away.

Interior : guided tours only - 40 minutes

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