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Lascaux II - Detailed Tour

Date: Wednesday 18 sep 2019 - Sunday 3 Nov 2019 Show map

1h00 guided tour, small group and in-depth visit of Lascaux II.

When Lascaux is finally closed in 1963, the daring project to rebuilt it identically was born, in order to allow visitors to discover this jewel of the World Heritage of Humanity.
In 1983, Lascaux II opens the doors and will become the first and unique replica of a cave in the whole world, representing both most famous galleries : the Hall of the Bulls and the Axial Diverticule reproduced perfectly with an impressive accuracy. Located a few meters away from the original cave, Lascaux II will welcome you now for a special toor, closer to the original cave.
This special tour will lead you to the sanctuarized hill of Lascaux and will make you start your journey at the front door of Lascaux original. Then, your guide will take you to Lascaux II where you will enjoy, with a small group, the strenght and privacy of this replica. You will take the time to appreciate the character of Lascaux, to understand the place of this masterpiece in the Prehistory era and the evolution of Man and his tools. An intimate tour, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a privileged experience of Lascaux through a in-depth visit.

Bring warm clothes, the cave temperature is 13 ° C.
1h00 guided tour.
Group of 30 people maximum.
The cave is unfortunately not accessible to wheelchairs and strollers.

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